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robro ICT Services

Better results from your marketing efforts.

Intersection of Business & ICT
Robro realizes ICT solutions with a healthy and fresh look at your business.

From idea to realization ...
Robro sees opportunities for improved sales and marketing processes. An overview of the various projects carried out can be found here.

Understand the business objectives.
Data analysis and visualization to help organizations to increase understanding if business objectives are met. Are marketing campaigns sufficiently effective? Do you know where your customers are? (See: GIS)

CRM, Campaign Management and Social Media
Link social media and CRM to improve response rates. Get more from your marketing campaign efforts by setting accurate targets. (see: CRM)

Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence allows you to make complex location-based business decisions. It contributes to increase the understanding of your bussiness by combining business data with location-related data.

To make this possible Business Intelligence (BI) is usually integrated with GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Because of our expertise of DWH / BI and ETL processes combined with GIS, we are able to develop appropriate solutions. We make use of various standard reporting tools (including esri office connector and QlikView).


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